July 28th

  • Arrival

July 29th

  • Morning session
  • Afternoon session

July 30th

  • Morning session
  • Afternoon session

July 31th

  • Morning session
  • Ohrid sightseeing
  • Farewell party

August 1th

  • Departure

Venue and Accomodation

The Venue of ICTA 2024 is the Congress Center , located only 6 kilometers away form the centre of Ohrid and 17 kilometers from the Ohrid airport.

There are limited number of rooms in Congress Center reserved for the participants of ICTA2024. There are several hotels around Congress Center, however it is a full touristic season, so reservations should be made on time.



You should fill the Registration form and send to until Juli 15.

Registration fee of 120 euros can be paid by bank transfer untol July 15th or at the arrival.

Registration fee covers conference materials, welcome party and coffee breaks. Sightseeing, with Farewell party costs 70 euros and is includded in the registration fee.

Details of payment in euro

For conference ICTA2024

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Скопје
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Adress: Arhimedova 3,
1000 Skopje
RN Macedonia

ID NUMBER 6462618
VAT Number 4043009100070

Corespondence Bank details:
Deutche BundesBank Zentrale
Adress: Wilhelm Epstein Strasse 14, Frankfurt an Main,

Bank details:
National bank of the Republic of North Macedonia
Bank details: Bul. Kuzman Josifovski Pitu br.1, 1000 Skopje
North Macedonia SWIFT: NBRM MK 2X

Final beneficiary:
IBAN: MK071007 0100 0010 646

Please, send a scanned copy of bank transfer at conference email:

Плаќање во денари

Плаќање 7200 до 15 јуни, потоа 9000 денари,
за конференција ИКТА2024

Назив на примач:
Универзитет Св. Кирил и Методиј, Скопје
Природно-математички факултет

Банка на примач: НБРМ

Трезорска сметка: 100000000063085

Сметка на буџетски корисник: 1600110804478819

Приходна шифра: 725939-41

Даночен број: 404309100070

Матичен број: 6462618

Ве Молиме пратете скенирана копија од уплатницата на

Organizing Committee

Nikita Shekutkovski (Honorary president)

Beti Andonovikj

Tatjana Atanasova Pachemska

Stevo Gjorgiev

Zoran Misajleski

Sijche Pechkova

Local Committee

Aneta Velkoska

Aleksandar Pechkov


Andonovikj Beti, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, UKIM, Skopje

Angelkovska Violeta, Faculty of Information Technologies, FON, Skopje

Atanasova-Pacemska Tatjana, Faculty of Computer Science, UGD, Shtip

Bukla Abdula, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, UKIM, Skopje

Chalamani Sonja, Faculty of Technical Sciences, UKLO, Bitola

Dimovski Pavel, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, UKIM, Skopje

Dimovski Tomi, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UKIM, Skopje

Durmishi Emin, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, UT, Tetovo

Ferizi Astrit, University of Prishtina, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Prishtina

Hadzi-Velkova Saneva Katerina, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, Skopje

Haval M. Mohammed Salih, Faculty of Science, Soran University, Erbil

Gjorgiev Stevo, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, UKIM, Skopje

Kanetov Bekbolot Emenovich, Department algebra, geometry, topology, Kyrgyz National university, Bishkek

Kocinac Ljubisa, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, UNI, Nis

Krsteska Biljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, UKIM, Skopje

Makolli Shkumbin, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UP, Prishtina

Misajleski Zoran, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UKIM, Skopje

Pechkova Sijche, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, UKIM, Skopje

Petrusevski Mirko, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UKIM, Skopje

Rakic Dragan, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UNI, Nis

Severin–Kuzmanovska Mazana, Faculty of Education, UKLO, Bitola

Shekutkovski Nikita, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, UKIM, Skopje

Skrekovski Riste, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, UL, Ljubljana; Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies, UP, Koper

Velinov Daniel, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UKIM, Skopje

Velkoska Aneta, Faculty of Communication Networks and Security, UIST, Ohrid


The deadline for abstracts is July 15th.

Have to be sent to

The template for abstract is ICTA abstract template

Current Abstracts

Cantor Connectedness of Uniform Spaces Nikita Shekutkovski, Zoran Misajleski, and Tatjana Atanasova Pachemska

Change of basepoint of the proximate fundamental group Emin Durmishi

The Hurwitz space of PSL(5, q) Haval M. Mohammed Salih and Amin Mahamad Zebari

Topological direct sum of subspaces Dragan S. Rakić * and Dragan S. Djordjević

Proximate Approximative Retracts in Compact Metric Spaces Abdulla Buklla

Fuzzy SSPO-separation Axioms and a new form of fuzzy compactness Shkumbin Makolli and Biljana Krsteska

Directional Stockwell transform and its desingularization formula Astrit Ferizi and Katerina Hadzi-Velkova

The vector equilibrium problem for posets Ljubiša D. R. Kočinac and Ali Farajzadeh

On sequence convergence in (3,j)-metric spaces, j in {1, 2} Dončo Dimovski, Pavel Dimovski and Tomi Dimovski

A Measure-Theoretic Perspective on Almost Periodicity Daniel Velinov


The accepted papers, after refereeing, will be published in Filomat ( indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded of Web of Science) and Matematichki Bilten (indexed in MathSciNet).

Past Conferences



ICTA2012 Doc

ICTA2016 Doc

The Proceedings were published for the journal Topology and its Applications

The last conference was ICTA2016 and because of pandemic, the conference was canceled in 2020.